My thoughts on Pulling Words by Nicholas Trandahl. One of the best Contemporary Poets around today. @PoetTrandahl

Poetic Insights

Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing

Release Date: April Twenty-Sixth 2017

Average Rating: 5/5 🌟 on KU



Nicholas Trandahl is an avid outdoorsman and credits his many adventures and travels as the prime source of inspiration for his writings. One is just as likely to find him on a trail or beside a trout stream as sitting at his writing desk with his old typewriter, a family heirloom. Trandahl writes at the edge of the Black Hills of Wyoming, where he lives with his wife and children.

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My Thoughts and Review

I don’t even know where to start! You can learn so much from reading Trandahl’s poetry about perfecting your own craft. His poems are subtle, so they don’t immediately scream to you this is a love poem, or like in poem The Lengths we All Go writing about invisible mental wounds, or in Belgium

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Book Review of Pulling Words by Nicholas Trandahl

An amazing review of my new poetry collection by the poet Christina Strigas!

Christina Strigas


Pulling Words is like Pulling Weeds for Nicholas Trandahl

Rating: Five out of Five stars

Nicholas Trandahl is one of my favorite contemporary poetic voices. I have read his poetry books before and every time I am amazed at the simple brilliance. His approach is methodical, reflective, environmental and brutally honest. Trandahl’s new poetry book published by Winter Goose Publishing is his best yet. Trandahl captures, nature, war, peace, love and family life in such divine poems that reflect nature and the beauty of everyday life. He finds the extraordinary in the ordinary and this is what makes Nicholas Trandahl a true poet. His ability to see thunder, rain, war zones through his quiet eyes. He is a peaceful man, and his beautiful soul is pulling words out of the universe with exquisite gestures.

There are so many poems in this collection that reached out to me and touched me…

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