I Have a New Publisher!

Keeping secrets is a hard thing to do.

Especially when the secret is that I’ve signed a contract with the extraordinary folks at Winter Goose Publishing! You’d be hard-pressed to find a more enthusiastic supporter of contemporary poetry than WGP. I’m an avid fan of many of their writers, and I count many of them as friends and acquaintances. And now … family. Check out my author page on the WGP website right here. And while you’re there check out all the great authors that have a home under the wing of Winter Goose Publishing.

The reception of the welcoming author family at WGP has been phenomenal and the feedback and enthusiasm displayed by my readership since this morning, when the news of my signing with WGP was announced, has been outstanding. It makes this a secret that was worth the wait.

Winter Goose Publishing will be putting out Pulling Words, my collection of poetry, in 2017. My poetry has really evolved from my angsty grim writings back in my debut collection of poetry Lost Yellow (released by Swyers Publishing in 2013 and available here). My writing has become quieter and I’ve injected honesty and serenity into it, a lot of it being inspired by my memories and surroundings and my recent marriage. I’ve also been heavily-inspired by all my favorite poets and writers, in particular Raymond Carver, James Salter, Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, and Jim Harrison.

With my upcoming book, Pulling Words, you’ll read of melancholy and tranquility; snapshots of a life wandering between bucolic rural Virginia, the epic enormity of the grasslands and mountains of Wyoming, quaint New England, and the desolation of the Middle East. You’ll read of love and life, honed with truth and respect for experience.

My poetry is blooming now, more than it ever has. And I’m so thankful to Winter Goose Publishing for trusting in me and my words.

This is just the beginning.